Lotus Elise: Service Bulletin, Steering Arm

From: "Vivian Meazza" <vivian.meazza@lineone.net>
Subject: Elise News (L)
Date: Mon, 17 May 99 15:44:27 PDT

Heads up, guys:

A Service Bulletin has been issued announcing that a redesigned steering arm should be fitted at the next available service opportunity. Apparently the existing has given trouble on the track. The new will provide better control of bump steer. This service item will be at Lotuses expense, as I understood it. Don't all rush at once: the parts are not available yet, and it's NOT a safety recall.

The chassis cooling water tubes in early cars can be punctured by a rivet in the side rails. Apparently the bends in the tubes aren't quite right. The early symptom is a rattle down by your right elbow (left for those who drive on the wrong side), which is not so much a rattle, but more the sound of a rivet chewing into the aluminium tube. The modified tubes are not expensive, but there is _significant_ work involved, including cutting to get the old ones out. I would guess it's about 5hrs, but don't quote me. This work is NOT at Lotuses expense. Not much change out of £400 ... OUCH :-(.

I have to say I don't quite get why one of these jobs is FOC and the other isn't, but that's what I understood.



'97 Elise