Lotus Elise: Concentra Connection

From: stuart@ics.com (Stuart Shellswell) Subject: Elise in Detroit
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 09:45:25 -0500

I used to be the Director of Marketing at Concentra (it develops knowledge-based engineering software, and clients include Boeing, all the Detroit car companies, every aero-engine company in the world, and Lotus Engineering), and I was forwarded this message by a friend who still works there. She knows my interest in all thing Lotus! I thought that you guys on the list, especially the ones near Detroit, might be interested.

Stuart Shellswell
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From: Keith Watson Subject: Elise - The 'ICE Car!!
To: staff@concentra.com

Update: In addition to Concentra having the stunning Jaguar XK8 on display at Autofact next week, I can now confirm that we will also also be unveiling the revolutionary Lotus Elise at the show. This is the US preview of the car, quite a coup for us to be the company to take it to Detroit!!

The Elise, developed in parallel with ICE is rated the Top Car of 1996 internationally- in terms of visual appeal and revoluionary design techniques. Like the Jaguar it is a convertible but aimed at a different market being much lower cost.

It has a carbon sculptured hand finished body, supported on an aluminium extruded and bonded (not welded or rivetted) chassis. Light weight(even the brakes are alloy), high power. All the motoring press adore it for appearance and performance - 'it corners on rails' is the common quote. It;s role in the US is to showcase the technological breakthroughs that Lotus Engineering provide the Auto industry.

We have four fantastic magazine cover stories (in English): Automotive Engineer, BBC-Top Gear, Manufacturing Computer Solutions and CADCAM International featuring the story of this car and Concentra's I.C.E. If you need any copies please contact the Detroit office during the show or any of the Concentra offices afterwards, we will be distributing them asap.

A video featuring the lotus and Concentra story is also available during and following the show next week.

Both these fantastic exhibits will provide a superb attraction for visitors at the conference and show - having both been designed using ICAD and ICE - we are proud to have such a close association with these world leading products. There is seldom a more powerful endorsement of our Company than through our customers successful products and businesses - 'tell your friends'!!


Keith Watson
Head of International Marketing and Communications Concentra Corporation