Wired Magazine came to the house to take pictures of an old, 1930s pinball machine. They thought it would take about an hour and a half. They arrived, setup, took pictures of my Addams Family and Builder Upper and spent over six hours doing it!

There were a couple of other pictures of the Addams Family, one of the front door and another with the playfield tilted up but the camera focused through the open door.

It was a massive effort moving the Twilight Zone, High Speed, and other stuff out of the way so they had enough room . They dropped a white sheet from hangers and under the machine, laid out on planks of wood. Morten Kettel, the camera guy, is on the wrong side of the railing going down stairs.

They promised me a color picture of Builder Upper. I hope they did not forget.

The article appears in the February issue of Wired Magazine.