Packaging your Clock

I have shipped several of these clocks and found them to be a challenge. The biggest concern is the curved front dial as it is convex and sticks out past the case. It is also necessary to keep the display discs from rubbing against each other and thereby reducing their transparency. Here are the steps I take to insure the clock will make the trip.

  1. stabilize the display discs. Open the back of the cabinet and place the original shipping clips, bent pieces of metal, around the circumference of the discs.  Often the clips are missing, so you can use folded business cards or folded strips cut from paper plates. The idea is to keep the discs in place and not to let them rub against each other.
  2. close the back of the cabinet and place a piece of cardboard, slightly larger than the back of the clock, against the door. This keeps the pressure of the packing materials from pushing in the rear door.  Make sure the rear door does not push against the clear discs in the top of the arch.
  3. wrap the cabinet and cardboard in two or more layers of bubble wrap.  (If you use packing peanuts or loose foam, enclose the clock in a plastic bag first to prevent bits of packing material from entering the works.
  4. place the wrapped clock in a box only large enough for the clock.
  5. place this first box in a second box that is at least four inches larger in all dimensions, allowing at least two inches of bubble wrap or packing peanuts on all sides.
  6. include your name, address, and contact information inside the box.