For Sale at The Sands Mechanical Museum:

updated August 2015

This is not a garage sale or a yard sale.  Perhaps it can be called a museum sale?  Pictures are grouped and a link in blue provided.  Offers gratefully accepted.  I am just getting rid of stuff accumulated over the last 30 years!

Please call 408-773-1170 or find the email in the contact link to the right.

Pinball Machines or Parts:

The stuff is sold as is. Click name to find out more.

  • Jig-Saw (Rockola, 1933) may be historically significant as it might have been at the Worlds Fair.

Spilhaus Space Clock For Sale

(none at this time)


The Sands Mechanical Musuem does not buy and sell arcade games. I will occasionally buy games for my personal collection and I am currently looking for dice games.

Occasionally, I will sell some of my games from my personal collection. They are not necessarily restored and their condition is carefully described.

From time to time, I will help clients sell some of their games by advertising them on these pages. I do not particpate in the negotiations and will refer you directly to the owner if you are interested. I do not get a commission from the sale and take no responsibility for the information about the item or how it might be represented.

You can reach me at 408-773-1170 or see the author's page for email contact information.