Guarantee, New Developments, and Special Discs

Your Spilhaus Space Clock when properly registered is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.

In the event of damage, accidental or otherwise, write Edmund Scientific Co., Barrington New Jersey 08007 about the trouble. Please be sure to indicate from whom the clock was purchased, the serial number (engraved on the aluminum back plate located behind the dust cover) and a brief description of the trouble. On receipt of your letter, we will gladly outline the procedure to be followed.

More detailed information or additional accessory items are likely to be available from time to time. Please be sure to register your clock on the form provided and mail it so you can be advised of new developments.

Because of varied individual interests, you may wish to remove certain of the discs in the Space Dial and replace them with specialized ones of your own making. Prices on blank discs complete with gear teeth can be supplied on request. If your interests are shared by others, we may be able to prepare special discs for you.

More pictures of Spilhaus Space Clock and how to repair it.