Global Contact Services

Global Contact Services called, saying they obtained my phone number from Bank of America and they were calling upon their behalf. They wanted to sell an insurance policy to protect all our household electronics. Talk about sleazy! I asked how they got our number and they reinterated that they obtained it from Bank of America. I asked to speak with a supervisor.

Johnathan Hanilton got on the line. He provided the number at Bank of America where I could call and get more information about the relationship. I asked for a number where Global Contact Services could be reach and he declined. This was the obvious information that Global Contact Services was a scam.

A call to Bank of America privacy customer service was interesting. We recently had one of our credit cards transferred to Bank of America. I have had no other contact with them. They did not have our phone number to give out! They also do not have a relationship with Global Contact Services.

Avoid these sleazy telemarketers.