Trying to order the correct part:

From: ApplianceZone CS <>
Subject: Oven Probe
Date: January 21, 2011 7:04:42 AM PST

Good Morning!

I just heard back from the research department and this is what they found for your model.

Stove/Oven/Range Sensor - WB21X5207

Oven Sensor - WB21X5207
$223.21 $178.57

4:14:59 PM [Kari] Hi, how may I help you today? :-)
4:16:24 PM [Visitor] I ordered a sensor for my cook top. I confirmed with Alex that it was the correct one before purchasing it. However, upon arrival, I find it is not the correct unit. I want to return it but I need to purchase the correct one before I can get a return authorization
4:16:38 PM [Kari] I’m sorry that you have had problems with your order. Please make sure to review our return policies that you will find included in this link with our return form. If your item matches our return criteria, please fill out the form I have provided you in this link so we may begin processing your return.
4:17:20 PM [Visitor] I have already done so. I received a note from Amber.
4:18:38 PM [Kari] Ok then
4:20:03 PM [Visitor] I need the temperature sensor for the temperature controlled burner for:
4:20:14 PM [Visitor] GE


Model: JP661 OV3HA


Serial: MG747641-G
4:24:49 PM [Kari] I'm sorry I'm not finding that model number
4:25:23 PM [Visitor] Hold on for a minute and I will confirm it.
4:26:27 PM [Kari] Ok, no problem
4:28:52 PM [Visitor] The model number is correct. The oh might be a zero, but it is certainly round.
4:29:13 PM [Kari] Ok, I'll have to call this in, can I email you back?
4:29:38 PM [Visitor] Certainly. my email is
4:30:25 PM [Kari] Ok, thank you.
4:30:32 PM [Kari] It'll be tomorrow most likely
4:30:38 PM [Kari] but I will get back to you
4:30:45 PM [Visitor] thanks, not a problem on the timing.

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and my response:


Yep, that is the sensor you sent and it is incorrect. The correct sensor has white wires, not yellow.

So, what you are telling me is that you do not have the correct sensor?


Kari's seond response:


According to your model number you needed this one, Stove/Oven/Range Sensor - WB21X5207

and we do carry it.

and my second response:


I understand you. However I am telling you the sensor you indicate is not correct. It is a later version and does not work with the early versions of the cooktop.

You can distinguish between the early version of the sensor by the color of the wires, with the early version being white and the later versions being yellow. You sent me the yellow version which is incorrect.

I will ask again, are you able to supply me with the correct sensor?

Please refer this to a manager if needed.



Doing some research provided this document:

pdf of part description