Nevada Open Road Challenge

I entered the Nevada Open Road Challenge in the NSX. This is an open road race hosted in Nevada twice a year, under various names. The first time I entered, it was called the Nevada Open Road Challenge and was cancelled due to the death of Terry Herman. The second time was called the The BluBlocker Silverstate 100

They block off about 100 miles of two lane, mostly straight, high desert highway. Depending on your safety equipment, your driving ability, and the type of car, you can enter various classes.

Your class determines how fast you can drive. The least class allows you to drive a stock car at 110 miles per hour. You need to wear long sleeved cotton clothing, have a fire extinguisher, a helmet, and standard seat belts.

I entered the 160 mph class, requiring five point harness, fire suit, Z rated tires, and stock body and engine. The first event was canceled because of a death. The second attempt was successful. I averaged 148 mph for the 90 miles, covering the distance in 34 minutes. I was clocked at 160 mph and carried that speed for 15 minutes. Here I am with my trusty navigator, Dan Raymond.

Dan and I standing next to race car