Great Links about the Seven

Union Jack with SOL logo

I was inspired to buy my Seven by the british-car mailing list on the Internet. As I mentioned, Scott was instrumental in convincing me to buy the toy.


TeamNet logo

Once I had the car, I wanted to know about the latest tires for autocrossing and so I joined, the autocross mailing list on the Internet. It happens that Josh Sirota was interested in my car and was responsible for doing the T shirts for one year. He took pictures of my car and with the help of a friend (Josh?), turned it into a logo and T shirt design.

Lotus USA emblem

Lotus Cars, USA

Esprit emblem for Alan's Lotus List

Alan Perry started a list for Lotus enthusiasts. It is now one of the Yahoo groups.

Golden Gate Lotus Club

The Golden Gate Lotus Club publishes a newsletter and hosts a web site.

Lotus Ltd

Lotus Limited publishes the newsletter, ReMarque, and now hosts a web site as well.

There is also a Seven list, as well as one specifically for Sevens in the USA.