Payout Dice Games are like slot machines. The player bets a coin, the machine rolls the dice, and pays money if the player wins. The dicers, as they are also called, play a complete game of craps. I am fascinated with the mechanics necessary to play a game of dice, all include in a mechanism.

I am interested in buying one of these games or major part. Please contact me if you have parts to a dice game for sale or know someone that does. A finders fee will happily be paid for information leading to the purchase. Call Michael at 408-773-1170 or see the contact information

company game description
bally reliance Reliance (4-pay)
Reliance (8-pay)
Super Flash (4-pay)
Super Flash (8-pay)
The dice are retained in drums that rotate vertically. A full game of craps can be played, with either a 4:1 or 8:1 payout possible.
The Flash versions contained a visible jackpot.
buckley bones Bones
Export Vender
Introduced in 1936, Bones are identical to the Bally Reliance with only cosmetic differences in the case.
Mills Novelty
mills crap shooter Crap Shooter
Dice (round plug)
Dice (square plug)
The game that started the dicer history, starting in 1932, but was a business failure as it was poorly designed and manufactured.
Mills Sales
mills sales dice Improved Dice Gordon Mills, cousin to Fred, bought up the original Mills dice machines, re-engineered them to work, and sold them with much success.
Rock-ola black magic Black Magic The mechanism is identical to the Western Equipment dicer but with an improved cabinet.
Western Equipment
western equipment mysterious eye Mysterious Eye The game senses the roll of the dice by measuring the height of the dice which is slightly different on the three sides and indicating the result with electricity. The game was completed quickly based on rumors of the Bally development.

Much of the information and pictures about the dice games are from Richard M. Bueschel, Payout Dice Machines, Coin-Op Classics, 1994. Photographs retain their credits.