THe Five Dials of the Space Clock

(A) Tide Disc. It carries the reference marks for telling the current time of high or low tide and the stage of the tide.

(B) Horizon and Hour Disc which carries the 300 and 400 latitude horizon lines. The four points of compass are shown also, and 24-hour solar time scale, in gold numerals, is Included. This disc does not rotate.

(C) Moon Disc. It carries an image of a white moon with a light blue pointer line running through it.

(D) Sun Disc. It carries, in addition to the sun and its pointer, the reference hours for telling sunrise and sunset at both 300 and 400 latitude. The phases of the moon are also included.

(E)Star and Calendar Disc. It carries the perpetual calendar on its circumference and in its center a field of stars and constellations. The light blue pointer is used for reading sidereal or star time, and the gold circle line serves as a reference for reading sunrise and sunset.

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