Elise Introduction

From: Derrick Boom
Subject: A Plan to Bring Elise to USA
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 11:41:45 -0800

Hi All,

I think I may have a real way to bring the Elise to America. It occurred to me that Lotus could mimick Gordon Murray's "Rocket" racing program. Customers cough up the cash to race Rockets that are transported and maintained by Murray's folks. At the end of the season, the customer keeps the car.

So think about it, Cates/Bundy could do maintenance and transport. The races could be scheduled at (real) IndyCar events, or in conjunction with another "high tech" series-- perhaps touring cars? The cars would get noticed by people who care, and a lucky few could race their new toy. One could envision standing starts (don't need no stinking pace car), and a touring car format. You could even require a "navigator" to fill the second seat and sell the ride.


  • Elise comes to America!
  • Lotus gets publicity and testing knowledge at low cost or small profit. (Murray makes money at it).
  • Lotus can get a feel for just how hungry America is for the car.
  • Instant race history for a few cars


  • Lotus support and a series sponsor.
  • Someone to take care of maintenance/ transport.
  • A "parent" series that would allow Elise to ride along for the weekend.
  • Customers willing/able to pay the price of an Esprit V8 for some fun and an Elise they can't drive to work.

So whaddya think?

Derrick Boom
Corvallis OR, USA
Derrick Boom
Corvallis, Oregon