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Tony Baker: Elise, Rebirth of a True Lotus

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This site provides a large amount of information about the Lotus 111, including design pictures, interviews with the engineers and other staff, competition information, information on the various models, miniatures, and drawings from the shop manuals. There are many articles from magazines and press releases from Lotus. Pictures from Lotus, the press, and from many owners are added in a searchable database. The site is extensive and the information diverse. There is a Table of Contents at the bottom and a full one just to the right.

The 111 is the numeric designation of the Elise and Exige chassis.  The Elise and Exige share the same chassis.  While they appear very similar, the front and rear body are substantially different. 

Much of the content that applies to both the Exige and the Elise is under the 111R chapter.  Elise and Exige specific information can be found in separate chapters. 

Lotus Elise: Change the Rules

It's not how fast it can go. It's how your heart beats in a few seconds.

Never mind that Lotus is one of the world's legendary sports car marques, or that every Lotus was borne out of ingenious, clever engineering. It doesn't really matter that the ride and handling of the Lotus Elis is outstanding, or that its sharp communicative steering, quick throttle response, precise braking and balanced aerodynamics all contribute to the Lotus experience of sublime performance.

What really matters is when you get that shiver down your spine.

Or why all y our senses just get fixated on one thing.

Try driving a Lotus Elise and you'll realise. That it's just you. And your Lotus Elise. And that's all you'll care about.

It's not about the feeling. It's about 'why' you feel it.

You may not notice how the hand stitched leather seats comfort and hold you, or how the carefully crafted interior increases your enjoyment of the car. You many not even notice the way the steering wheel feels, gripped lightly between your hands, or how the pedals react under your feet.

Not straight away.

It's not until that one defining moment that you realise that the Elise is not like other cars, it is singular perfection; the perfect package.

We've always been disrespectful of convention. Thus we earned respect.

Convention never meant much to us at Lotus. It is there to be challenged. To be broken. Call it irreverence. Or a nagging need to be unconventional and extraordinary. The thinking man's sports car must involve the driver in every level. Much like a jealous lover, it demands constant attention. It's one inconvenience you don't mind at all.

Without control power means nothing.

Without the Elise, emotion is lost.

Are you willing to take control?

All these years, passengers were not at the forefront of our thoughts. And look where it got us.

We've always set our hearts and minds on the driver. In whatever we do. Our pure passion for sports cars has been ingrained in us for over 50 years, giving you the assurance that the Lotus you're driving is one of the most admired cas the world over.

Addictions make your heart race and leave you breathless. This one is no different.

The finely tuned chassis harnesses the increased power effortlessly, while razor sharp dynamics embrace your every wish. It's this bond between you and your Lotus that brings every nuance in the road direct to your fingertips, taking you on the journey of your life, every time.

The Elise was borne out of the philosophy of 'Performance through lightweight'.

Excitement and beauty created by the bare minimum. There comes a time however when you realise that all things in the world can be enhanced.

Elise options have been created and engineered to look and perform to the same exacting and dynamic standards that benefit the cars they adorn.

From a Lotus Brochure.

design concept of M250 or Elise 2000

Lotus Cars: Design picture from 2001 Lotus Calendar

description from an early sales brochure

from now on life will be different, very different

Lotus is renowned for re-writing the rule book, creating highly acclaimed lightweight sports cars bred with unique racing characteristics.

The latest evolution is undoubtedly the most exciting yet. Engineered to perform, the Elise once again breaks the rules and sets new standards.

Our award winning formula combines creativity, innovation and passion to deliver the most exciting driver's car ever. It is this formula which is responsible for putting Lotus at the forefront of vehicle design technology.

Elise - passionately different - unmistakably Lotus.

rear of an series 2 Elise

Tony Baker: Elise, Rebirth of a True Lotus


I welcome contributions to the Elise Site. You do not need to know how to format for the web as I can do that for you. I want to thank the following for their efforts:

  • Kiyoshi Hamai: miscellaneous content
  • Jeff Chan: Toyota engine information and suspension thoughts
  • Clyde Sheppard: survey and other content
  • Robert Konick: business dealings surrounding Lotus

Historical References

(The original front page for the Series 1 Elise contains the description from the first brochure and a quote from Romano Artioli about the Elise.)

Table of Contents

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Elise This index covers the car, engine, chassis, and suspension.

road and track data panel

Information Press releases, magazine articles, and other technical data.

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Pictures Images from Lotus, magazines, and other photographers.

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Miniatures Miniature models of the Elise from Chronos and Jada are pictured.


Bibliography Book, articles, and links to Lotus and Elise related pages.

Elise Sport

Series The Elise comes in many different versions, including the original, Series 2, and Exige.

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Experience Changes people make to the Elise, comments from owners, and competition.

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Comments Miscellaneous information from owners and other sources.

competition Elise

Competition Lotus in competition with the Elise and Elise-based cars. Games like Gran Turismo.

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My Car This is my diary of the purchase and ownership.

design drawings as a link

Design The art of the car. Drawings and thoughts from Julian and Richard.

performance information

Performance Data gathered from various sources and publications.

design (technical)

Technology Design from a technical perspective.

Elise sun glasses

Merchandise Lotus and Elise branded clothing and other merchandise.

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Company and People Staff and engineers and the company they work for.

shop manual

Manual Excerpts from the shop manual, including line drawings of various assemblies.

just42 car

Elise Alternatives While the Elise was not available in America, these cars were alternatives.

strategic partners

Strategic Partners A transfer of technology brochure from Lotus.

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