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  • Chris Smith drive an early Federal Elise prototype with the Toyota engine.
  • Greg N. Brown has some thoughts when driving in Italy
  • Dr Geoff Martin comments about the Series one
  • Jeff comments about the various possible powerplants for the Elise before its arrival

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  • Country of Origin (see also technology partnership document):
    • made in the England
    • Russia - wheels
    • Japan - engine, gearbox, and tires
    • France - body and wiper motor
    • Germany - stereo, dampers, airbags, and springs
    • Italy - steering wheel, brakes
    • Norway - chassis
    • United States - antilock brakes
  • Wheels: one tidbit I can share is that there quite a bit of interest from the aftermarket wheel makers. There's a lot of concern at Lotus about this because during development they were supplied wheels that met or exceeded the EU regulations for strength/durability, but in testing on the cars they were cracking! The wheel maker was blown away and couldn't believe what was happening. The result is the stock & LSS wheels are 2.5 times stronger than the EU reg requires. Cool!