brake light switch on Lotus Elise

Adjust Brake Light Switch Adjustment

The brake light switch can be adjusted to come on early in the stroke of the brake or late. As a safety feature, the brake light should go on as soon as you press the brake even the slightest distance.

The brake light switch consists of a black housing with a grey button sticking out one end. The switch is mounted on an L shaped bracket with the button resting against the brake pedal, near the top of the brake pedal pivot.

The grey button can be clicked in or out of the black housing in order to adjust the on and off point of the switch. It requires a good amount of pressure but it will eventually succumb and will click in or out.

If the brake light is already on when the pedal is at rest, then the button needs to be pushed into the housing one or more clicks. Use a screwdriver to pry the button into the housing.

If the brake light does not come on as soon as the pedal is depressed, the button needs to be pulled out of the housing one or more clicks. Rotate the housing a quarter of a turn and remove the switch.

Lotus Elise brake switch lotus elise brake switch lamp mount

Check the brake light to confirm it comes on at the correct time. The ignition needs to be turned on to light the brake lights.

Pull the grey button out from the housing several clicks. It is hard to pull so it will require some pressure. Replace the switch in the mount but pushing it in and rotating back a quarter of a turn.