chassis with reference number
  1. replaceable composite energy-absorbing front sturcture
  2. front -mounted top exit radiator for aerodynamic downforce
  3. patented extruded pedal box and pedals
  4. bonded joints using high performance structural adhesives
  5. passenger safety cell comprising side rails, dash beam, tank bay cross members and roll hoop
  6. anodized thin wall aluminium extrusions with interlocking joints for tolerance control
  7. fully protected fuel tank at centre of gravity
  8. full roll hoop
  9. replaceable aluminium energy absorbing rear structure
  10. optimized lightweight steel rear subframe
  11. wishbone pivot bushes with high radial and low torsional rates
  12. compliance steer control link on rear suspension
  13. structure utilises front and rear torque cell concept
  14. 2D bending for structural continuity
  15. side rails and cross car stuctures for side impact protection
  16. patented bond gap control
  17. extruded door beam and hinge
  18. flat underbody for greater aerodynamic efficiency
  19. steering rack mounting minimises column intrustion
  20. aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (M.M.C.) brake rotor
  21. extruded aluminium suspension upright
  22. independent toe and camber adjustment

Strategic Partners

(Please provide a URL and logo for any of these partners and I will link to their page. Links are current as of September, 1997.)

logo Hydro Aluminium: Manufacture and combined development of the high strength extruded alunimium spaceframe structure. There is an Elise press release and the French division has a nice web site.
logo ciba: Heat cured epoxy adhesive, with superior impact resistance, used in the CIBA/Lotus bonding process.
logo Lanxide: Aluminium Metal Matrix (M.M.C.) brake rotor combining low mass, low operating temperatures and very low wear rates.
logo AP Racing: Development of the hydraulic braking system (including unique opposed piston front callipers) to integrate with M.M.C. braking technology.
logo Allied Signal Automotive: Brake pad technology compatible with M.M.C. rotors providing low wear and enhanced friction characteristics
logo Alusingen: Lightweight extruded aluminium suspension uprights. There is mention in a paper on aluminium extrusion control.
logo Koni Shock Absorbers: Inverted monotube dampers with assisted rebound function to enhance roll characteristics.
logo Stack:Compact and lightweight analogue electronic instrument pack with multifunction L.C.D. read-out.

Verlinden does sell Stack and other intstrumentation. I did not keep the person's email and so have not been able to confirm any of the above.)

Project Partners
logo ACCO, office products
logo A.W.I
logo COBRA
logo Du Pont
logo Freeman and Proctor
logo Matador
logo Dunlop Metalastik, with more specific information on metalastik
logo Michelin for tires
logo Nardi
logo Park Sheet Metal
logo Reed Automotive
logo Rioglas
logo Rover: Unofficial site, there does not appear to be an official Rover site devoted to Rover cars.
Rover: Official site, but little here about cars.
Mini site: This is the best site I have ever visited, absolutely wonderful! Too bad it is hidden here where no one will find it...
logo Titan but it is not clear these are the people Lotus intends, satellite communications and data acquisition.
logo Volex (appears to be cables and connectors)