How to remove an animal:

Turn off the power before doing any work on your game. The games do not have a modern ground and have over 300 volts direct current in the amplifier! You can remove either the bear or the dog or both.

Removing the Bear:

  1. There is a sprocket inside the carriage for the bear. There is a chain follower that prevents the chain from slipping off the sprocket. This follower is held on by two screws on the side of the bear chassis. Remove the follower.
  2. There are some fingers at the top of the chassis. They also are held on by two screws and these should be loosend or removed. The fingers and the screws that hold them to the chassis are in blue in the picture of the bear chassis below.

Removing the Dog:

  1. There is a follower that holds the chain on the sprocket inside the dog's chassis. This follower can be removed by taking off the two screws holding it to the chassis and appearing in the center of it.
view of scenery and track
  1. remove the two wood screws that hold the center scenery to the top. The yellow arrows are pointing to their general location. Sometimes the scenery is also attached to the green wood plate at the bottom and these should be removed as well. Remove the center scenery.
  2. remove the four machine screws that hold the green ground to the metal track, as shown by the red arrows. Remove the green wood plate.
  3. loosen but do not remove the six machine screws that hold the top of the track to the framework, as shown by the bottom green arrows. The upper track can now be raised slightly.

Extracting the Bear:

bear carriage exposed
  1. The top of the track should be loose now. The sprocket follower should be off, it can be seen next to the chain sprocket. The lower blue arrow is pointing just above the two screws that hold it in place.
  2. The fingers, pointed to by the blue arrow on top and the mounting screws for the fingers at the bottom blue arrow should be loosened or removed.
  3. The upper track can be lifted slightly and the bear carriage tilted outwards so the top pins and track guide, at the green arrow, clear the under side of the track.
  4. The carriage can be lifted off the track as the bottom wheels get lifted off the bottom track, as shown by the bottom yellow arrows.

Extracting the Dog:

dog carriage exposed
  1. The red arrrow points the the chain follower, above the sprocket. It should be loose or removed by now.
  2. gently lift the top track so that it clears the fiber followers under the top track, as shown by the top yellow arrows.
  3. lift the carriage so the wheels, shown by the bottom yellow arrows, clear the bottom rail of the track.


When removing one animal, have the other animal on the opposite side of the track. As the top rail of the track is tilted up in the front to remove the front animal, the rear of the track should be kept down, to retain the back animal.