Rototable pinball

Here is a sampling of all the mechanical devices that have been restored or fixed at the Sands Mechanical Museum. Some have extensive documentation and are the subject of articles published here and in magazines. Each link points to a page with a picture and a short description.

shoot the bear cabinet

Shoot the Bear (Seeburg)
Rayolite shooting game.

Rudy in Funhouse

Rudy in Funhouse (Willisms)
rebuilding a manikin head

boy sitting in a pinball, playing GT3

Driving Force (Logitech)

Gran Turismo 3 braking fix

boy with quick draw manikin

Top Gun (Taylor)

full sized manikin quick draw simulation

coon hunt lit up Coon Hunt (Seeburg)

a Rayolite game with two coons climbing trees

photo booth side

Photo Booth (Auto Photo)

a dip and dunk photo booth, model 9

magic screen from Silver Sails

Silver Sails (Bally)

a bingo, one of the most complex em devices

Rototable advertising picture

Confucius Say (Rotortable)

a prop for 20th Century Fox movie studio

Spilhaus Clock gears and dial

Spilhaus Clock (Edmunds)

nylon gears in an astronomical clock

Nikon Coolpix 990 camera

Cool Pix 990 (Nikon)

dropped, no power up

Jennings Sportsman pinball

Sportsman (Jennings)

payout pinball slot substitute

Scoopy gumball vendor


adjust movement

Kiss-o-Meter mechanism


missing some parts

Quartoscope mechanism with SF earthquake pictures


rewire, porcelain insulators

Exidy Old Time Basketball printed circuit board

Old Time Basketball (Exidy)

almost worked for these guys

world series mechanism

World Series 1937 (Rockola)

desirable game that plays baseball

Zoltan fortune teller


fortune teller that appeared in the movie "Big"

freezer from our Amana refrigerator

Refrigerator (Amana)

evaporator fan was bad

Wizard with cat


fortune teller and cat

compressor cabinet

Compressor Cabinet

how to quiet a noisy compressor

belt sander restoration

Montgomery Ward belt sander
a difficult restoration with reverse threaded shafts

Chicago Express playfield

Chicago Express (Daval)
one of the first pinballs with ramps

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