These pages are being developed now, starting in January 2020.  Some of the content is from the Evans Races restoration and exist here as place holders for later content.  Much of the mechanical parts of the Evans Races were originally invented and developed for the Paces Races.

Paces Races History and Documentation


open cabinet paces races clean modules

Video Tour of Evans Races


  • Lynne, a mechanical engineer who helped when I got stuck.
  • Keith Morris, who purchased a similar game and helped compare our two games.
  • Mike Gumula, who also has an Evans Races, and helped source information.
  • John Tuttle, player piano restoration expert and pneumatic parts supplier.
  • John Osborn, restorer, who pushed me when things got tough.
  • Arthur Reblitz, who wrote the book on player piano restoration.  We never communicated but I could not have done it without his book.
finish line on Evans Races

This is the plaque that is at the finish line and names each horse. The dark lines are actually mirrored and do not scan well.