World Series (Rockola 1934


bottom of playfield

The bottom of the playfield is shown above.  The ball return obscures the tip mechanism that keeps track of balls and strikes.  Also the trip release controlling the turn table is also hidden.

ball return

The ball return has two features, the bells that ring when balls and strikes tilt out of the tip table and a spring to quiet the drop of an error when it falls through the hole in the playfield.

counting outs

Balls falling into the out holes hit plates, in the center of the picture, and the out count in the window on the left is incremented by one using the escapement. See an animation that shows how the outs are counted.

out counter

The out count escapement operates much like a clock escapement.  For each rotation of the rod, which causes the tabs on the left and right of the ratchet to rock back and forth, only one notch is incremented.  The spring supplies the power and the tab at the top pushes agains the pin to reset the outs to zero.

out counter

This is another view of the out counter.

disasemblyed ratchet

The powering ratchet is disassembled.  Note the four vanes on the underside of the ratchet.  These engage the star wheel.  The shim allows the gear to rotate without the vanes in order to wind the turn table in anticipation of a hit.

ratchet assembled

Here the ratchet in in place.  Note how the click will allow the gear to rotate clockwise but not the other direction.  The underneath of the ratchet has the vanes which engage the points of the star wheel.

star wheel side view

This side view of the star wheel shows the protrusions that extend down from the wheel.  These keep the trip lever depressed for yet another base or two or three, depending on the length of the protrusion.

tip plate and out counter

This shows the turn table on the left with the star wheel, the tip table on the right and the out counter at the bottom.