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Coin or Game Counter

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(mouse over the buttons to see the steps or play to see the animation)

button one

Note the extension to the left of the "5" digit. This is a partial gear. The count reads at the top and now shows "17".

button 2

The count now reads "19" and is ready to roll over to "20" The extension next to the "5" is now ready to rotate the small gear between the "6" and "8".

button 3

The extension is now rotating the ten's digit wheel as the one's digit finishes it rotation. The small gear at the bottom is connecting the two.

button 4

The rotation of both wheels is not finished, the extension is now past the ten's digit wheel, and the count now shows "20".

Notes on Coin Counter:

  1. The axle that runs through the counter is connected to the coin slide. As the coin slide is depressed the axle rotates forward slightly and then back again.
  2. The axle is connected to a double sided ratchet, as seen by a lever tip showing to the right of the one's wheel. See also below.
  3. The ratchet lever moves the one's wheel by pushing on the gear teeth on the right of the wheel.
  4. As the one's wheel rotates one digit, it is kept from rotating more by the U portion of the ratchet lever. See below again.
  5. As shown by the above sequence, as the one's wheel gets to the "9" position, it engages the small wheel at the bottom.
  6. As the small gear is connected to the extension at the "5" position and the ten's wheel, it causes them both to rotate on position.
  7. Once rotating the ten's wheel one position, the "5" extension is now past the small gear and will rotate one full turn, a count of nine, before yet again returning to rotate the ten's digit again.
increment gear detail on coin counter

Note above how the small gears engage the number wheel on the left. However on the right, every other gear is missing a portion of the tooth. The extension next to the "5" is able to rotate the small gear only one position.

clean coin counter

Coin Counter Internals:

  1. The brass colored part is a keeper. It retains the small axle for the small gears, the large axle that actuates the counter, and the ratchet.
  2. The axle has a groove that allows the keeper to keep it located in the counter. It also has a pinch that allows the ratchet to rotate the teeth on the side of the one's wheel.
  3. The ratchet has two "teeth". The axle rotates the ratchet one way on forward stroke of the coin slide and back the the other way on the return. The teeth of the ratchet push the one's wheel half a step on the forward and another continued half a step on the return.
  4. The wire with a loop in the picture of dirty parts below, is a return spring and insures the one's wheel will return. This makes sure the count is a full increment of the one's wheel.
  5. The small axle still located in the housing at the top is to locate the small gears.
coin or game counter parts