Photo Booth

photo booth

I did not get to restore this booth, rather I was commissioned to just get it running. In the end, I probably ended up restoring over 50% of it, including the film feed and extraction units, the timing wheel, the pneumatic valves, the dip ram, and the camera itself.

This "dip and dunk" machine is a full film processing unit in a cabinet! This one has a compressor to dip a film holder in 14 successive tanks filled with various chemicals. The machine dips the film in one tank for the correct time, pulls it out, rotates to the next tank, dips, and so on.

The entire unit is wonderfully engineered. It is reliable and robust. The camera has some Geneva mechanisms in it to advance the film for the next picture, flash the lamps, and open and close the shutter. I will have to animate it and add it to the mechanisms section of the web site.

test film strips