Amana Freezer

Amana freezer on refrigerator

What is this doing here you might well ask? My wife hates it when something breaks in the house. I never call a repair person, preferring always to try and fix it myself. How else am I going to learn how it works?

In this case, the water was dripping at the front of the door, just under the handle. The temperature was cold sometimes and sometimes not. It was never obvious what was happening with the thing.

I finally figured out the evaporator fan was starting to fail. The bearings were going bad and the fan would turn sometimes and not others. As the door to the freezer warmed, water leaked out. Where was it coming from? When I turned off the refrigerator water poured out of the freezer door! It was full of ice, inside the insulation! Now it is not so heavy!

Of course the parts ordered did not fit! I had to fabricate the new motor with the old fan and relieve some of the fan shroud.