Silver Sails

Bally 1962

magic screen from Silver Sails

The Silver Sails restoration was for my private collection. This was my first bingo restoration and it took several months! A modern bingo pinball machine is very complicated. It accepts bets, percentages features and adds them on a random basis, plays a game of bingo based on balls landing randomly in holes, and then pays off on the varying odds it gave at the beginning. This game has the OK feature where it will set up the next game based on the configuration of the previous one!

I disassembled every last part, cleaned, assembled and adjusted the game. Upon completion of the game, there were only five adjustments required to get it playing correctly. I could never have done the work if not for the help of Phil, Jeffery, and Russ.

Sadly it is not economically feasible to restore these games. I spent over 100 hours restoring mine, admittedly to a very high standard, and the cost is probably over ten times a reasonable retail value for the game.

I will write an article about the restoration and provide additional pictures later. This picture is from the mechanism animations and it shows how the magic screen works. There is also an animation on how the credit unit works as well.