Lotus Elise radiator exits

Caution This section includes various modifications made to the Lotus Exige. Do not perform these modifications unless you know what you are doing. We accept no responsibility for damage to you or your car.


This section currently covers the Elise.  There are many similarities between the Exige and the Elise.  Over time, this section will include Exige specific information.

This section is organized using the same contents as the service manual. Please consult the manual first before performing any of these procedures.

TDP Technical Data Engine
TPQ Technical Data Vehicle
AH Chassis
BR Body
remove front clam how to remove the front clamshell
squeaks some of the squeak, rattle, and groan sources
CI Front Suspension
DH Rear Suspension
EH Engine Management
FJ Transmission
JJ Brakes
replace brake pads the brake pads are replaced, front and rear
bleeding the brakes brake fluid is replaced and the system is bled
adjust pedal height how to adjust the brake pedal height
adjust brake light adjust the brake light on activation of the brakes
KH Engine Cooling
  coolant tank replacing the deteriorating coolant tank
LJ Fuel System
fuel cutoff In case of a sudden shock to the car, this switch cuts off the fuel. Check if your car will not re-start.
MN (MP?) Electrics
unreliable start button Diagnosing an unreliable start button, tracing the circuit and examining the components along the way.
aiming the headlights The wheel well liner and head lamp cover are removed. Aligning points are positioned on a wall in front of the car and the light pattern is aimed correctly.
indicator lens tab The retaining tab on the front indicator lens can break off. A spring steel replacement can be fashioned to replace the broken part.
OI Maintenance and Lubrication
service intervals special conditions (more frequent) service intervals from the owners manual
PDI pre-delivery inspection sheet used by the dealer to examine the car prior to customer pick up
Owner's Manual
oil filters Possible other Toyota and aftermarket filters
changing your oil A basic tutorial on how to change your oil
changing transmission oil How to change your transmission oil, see also changing your oil

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