Various Links and References Regarding the Lotus Elise and Exige

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manufacturer site, Lotus list

Lotus!, where they make the real thing!

(Lotus also has a company sponsored club called Lotus Life. Contact is located on the company website and is currently called Lotus Club International".

lotus emblem for Lotus Cars, USA "Lotus Cars USA"

Lotus Internet Groups as sourced from Yahoo

Internet Lotus Cars Mailing Lists as sourced from eGroups

Elise Talk is a forum and has a large community of members.

SELOC, the Lotus Enthusiasts Club, is a forum and has more content from Europe.


Sector 111, a store to sell stuff for the US Elise

Dave Bean is a California based parts house, got Lotus USA inventory of older parts to sell

JAE is another US parts supplier, very knowledgable as well

QED supplies engine modifications for the Rover and other engines.

Elise Buyer's Guide

magazine articles

(See the press section of this website.)


Clements, Alastair. Elise, Rebirth of the True Lotus . Summerset UK: Haynes, 2003.

Tippler, John. Lotus Elise, The Complete Story . Wiltshire UK: Crowood, 1999.

Walton, Jeremy. Lotus Elise, The Official Story . London: Coterie, 2002.

technical articles

A site that provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Elise.

CALSTART virtual tour makes a stop with the Zytek electric Elise

enthusiast sites, home pages, forums

PureSportsCar has a new web site and the content continues to grow. It benefits from a user content contribution model.

Takashi Ishidoshiro (doshir), one of the most extensive set of Lotus Links I have ever seen!

A. S. Francis great site

US Elise is a site that includes a forum and other information.



There is the Discovery Channel program, Lotus Elise -The Inside Story. I am unaware of a source for this video at this time. Please send me a note if you have it for sale.