Various Documents about the Lotus Elise and Accessories

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Car Brochures

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Elise Reference a quick specification reference to current models
2006 Colors Elise 2006 color chart
Exige 240 spec technical specification for Lotus Sport Exige 240
Exige Flyer picture and specifications
2004 Lotus Elise picture, description and specifications
Lotus Elise S picture, description and specifications of Elise S
Lotus Sport 111 picture, description and specifications of Sport 111
Elise 111R picture, description, and specifications of 111R
unleash the Elise brochure from Birmingham Lotus Press Launch (made by Aston Martin of New England?)

Radio Manuals

Cobra Alarm Manuals

I believe these are the manuals for the Cobra alarm as installed in the Federal Elise and the 111R. They are in pdf format.

Shop Manuals

The Federal Elise, 111R, and Toyota Exige manuals are available online and not included here. Directions and inforamtion on how to download the manuals are included in the Shop Manual section .

Copyright: Please download the following pdf documents only if you have purchased a paper copy from a legitmate Lotus source and want digital backups. Some of the following manuals are duplicates and some appear to be missing sections.

( Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the pdf file format and is available for free.)

M111 Elise
a1111t0327_00_01_part_2_of_3 engine management and fuel injection EMN
a1111t0327_00_02_part_1_of_5.pd technical data - engine TDL
a1111t0327_00_02_part_2_of_5.pd technical data - vehicle TDM
a1111t0327_00_02_part_3_of_5.pd chassis AF
a1111t0327_00_02_part_5_of_5.pd 340R supplement 340R
a1111t0327_3_part_2_of_6.pdf ? CG
a1111t0327_3_part_3_of_6.pdf rear suspension DE
a1111t0327_3_part_4_of_6.pdf wheels and tyres GF
a1111t0327_3_part_5_of_6.pdf brakes JH
a1111t0327_99_01_part_1_of_3.pd 1996 to 2000 M.Y. Elise intro
a1111t0327_99_01_part_2_of_3.pd rear suspension DE
a1111t0327_99_03_part_2_of_2.pd motor sport XA
ACF506.pdf technical data - vehicle TDM
ACF50D.pdf motor sport XA
Elise Service Manual (1) entire manual, basically a copy, 25mb!
Service Bulletin about Oil Cooler oil cooler fitment changes

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"Elise" script" The Elise word as found on the back of the Series 1, also EPS
"Lotus logo" This is the Lotus Logo, yellow and black, also EPS .