Miscellaneous Information about the Lotus Elise

rendering of a green Elise

Shop manual - The first shop manual from Lotus contains a wealth of diagrams and information. Some sections are available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

pdf library - brochures, shop manual chapters

proActive - official newsletter of Lotus Engineering

Dynamometer Chart - my Elise rear wheel horsepower

Shift Point Calculations - the torque and speed in gears are charted and the graph shows the shift points.

Engine Control Unit Data - a dump of engine information from my car at 1000 miles

Strategic Partners, Lotus also provides design consulting and has used the technologies provided in the Elise to help promote the expertise of the consulting engineers

Bob Lutz, with some thoughts about how to design and build cars.

Nick Adams was the original project manager for Croft, the Elise and Exige as we now know them. He races a vintage Lotus 23.

Rumours about the Lotus

Michael Sands and a trip report from Los Angles and the introduction of the Lotus Elise to America

Jeff has some engine thoughts.

Toyota Power for the New Elise, even perhaps motorcycle power

Initial rumors about the Elise in the United States

Elise with a V6

Another Rumor of a V6

An Elise is developed with a motorcycle engine

John O'Rear makes a case for bringing the Elise to America

Lots of Rumors

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