painting of Elise and couple next to creek

Pictures of Lotus Elise, Both Federal, Mk1, and Mk2

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The picture albums on this site used to be searchable on particular car, series, year, and other parameters  For those familar with technogoy, it used PHP and MySQL.  When moving the website to Amazon Web Services, it was easier to remove the PHP requirement and use plain HTML and CSS.  Images are small, a result of creating the website when bandwidth was slower.

Real Cars

Andrew took some amazing pictures of his early Exige.

Early Elise press pictures

Modified Lotus Elise with Audi engine

Pictures from EliseTalk forum

More Pictures from EliseTalk forum

PIcking up my new Elise

First trip up the Pacific Coast Highway

Pictures of my Elise

Pictures added in September 2004

Pictures aded in October 2004

Pictures added in June 2005

Pictures added in October 2005

More pictures add in October 2005

Nice Lotus pictures

Nice Lotus pictures two

Rogues Gallery

More Rogues Gallery

Technical and Information Pictures

Press and Design pictures from Lotus

More Press and Design pictures from Lotus

Lotus pictures of early Exige and others

Los Angeles Auto Show introduction of the Elise to America

More pictures from the LA Auto Show

More pictures from the LA Auto Show

Miscellaneous press pictures

Assembly pictures

Design Studio pictures

Engineering pictures

Patterson pictures

More press pictures

Race Pictures

My first autocross

Early FIA Lotus Elise race car

Race Car pictures including S1 and 411

My apologies to Alan Feinnley and Road and Track. The wonderful image above originally contained a Jaguar XK-120. I replaced it with a picture of an Elise I took at the LA Autoshow using Photoshop.