Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 10:22:42 -0400
From: Rob

Subject: Autoexpress Article

Please find below the subject article. Sounds like good news to

"Toyota Power For New Elise

ome say that all the best stuff comes from America, but we've never had
to thank the USA for a Lotus before. Exclusive spy shots in the current
issue of Auto Expresss magazine confirm what we suggested back in issue
733 - the firm has shoe-horned a 190bhp Toyota engine into the Elise.

Tell-tale signs on this development car are mostly at the back, where
blanking plates cover the standard model's pipe outlets, and a
centre-mounted exhaust has appeared. The wheels also give the game away,
with five-stud rear alloys borrowed from the VX220 Turbo, suggesting
that the Vauxhall's beefier suspension has been adopted. The eight-spoke
fronts are taken from the 111S, which forms this prototype's

So what's the American link? The Elise is to use a 2.2-litre VVTi Toyota
engine and gearbox so it can be exported to the States without the need
for expensive emissions tests. The powerplant is already on sale in
America in the Camry. Lotus bosses are keen to return to the US market
as soon as possible, since their only export - the Esprit - has been

Of course, the Japanese-engined Elise will also go on sale in the UK,
alongside the existing K-Series unit. However, it is likely to replace
the track day-inspired Sport 190, which is peaky and impractical in
daily motoring. The new model will also let Lotus catch up with
Vauxhall's VX220 Turbo, which has raised the standard for stripped-out
high-performance roadsters.

The engine was one of a number considered for the Elise. It was chosen
over a larger 2.5-litre V6 Rover unit and Honda's 2.0 VTEC from the
S2000, because these were seen as too expensive, big and heavy for the
job. If the new Toyota-derived model is a success, the running gear is
likely to be adopted across the range when a new Elise is launched in
2005. A concept which will reveal the replacement's styling is expected
at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Chris Thorp "

Obviously we will see the car at latest in January at L.A. or Detroit.
Expect about 200 hp with Lotus management and tweaking. Thank God no GM
Ecotech garbage. Anybody have the pictures?

From: Tony Churly <>
Subject: Elise engine gosip
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 22:56:31 +0000

I have a friend who works at rover's R&D.(in badging and

Rover are imminently to announce a supercharged MGF. Lotus,caterham and marcos get the engine 6 months after that. I've posted before,by the end of the year there should be four engine options:

  • "ordinary" 1.8
  • 1.8 vvc
  • supercharged1.8
  • 'lotus-sport' 1.8. (they're keen to disuade people from taking these in road trim)

The figures on the lotus-sport have been massaged upwards to protect the esprit. It will do 60 in just under 4 seconds, and 100 in 10 seconds

As the supercharged engine gives 200bhp,and more torque,it should be nearly as quick,though the gearing will be same as 1.8. ( The lotus-sport has shorter gears)

Don't worry about having ordered a vvc elise (still officially unofficial,I believe), as when they ring you for your final spec, one of the options will be the engine.

IT WON'T BE CHEAP. probably 30000,with magnesium wheels. I've already got an Elise(4months/9,000 miles!). But I've ordered another,for the engine upgrade.

Lotus have had 12 KV6 2.5 litre engines delivered,too. I wonder what they are for! KV6 is legal for the USA,and I reckon the coupe will have a KV6 option

Good luck with the long wait-and spec the 225 tyres when the time comes; the alloys mark ridiculously easily.

Tony Churly