Lotus Elise Anniversary

Date: 19 September 1996
Contact: Alastair Florance (PR Manager)

Yesterday's corporate photograph was an event organised solely to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the presentation of the Elise and to honour the Lotus staff for its achievement. All staff and baby Elise (Romano Artioli's granddaughter) formed the "Living Lotus Logo."

It was a celebration for the success this new Lotus model has achieved among its customers. Orders for the Elise cover all the next year and production will increase from 750 to 2500 cars per year. A good start for the future of Lotus.

Lotus has already established which strategies to follow to develop all its activities. The details will be available by the end of September.

Mr. Kapur continues to make allegations against the company which are contested by the company. Mr. Kapur was dismissed from the company some weeks ago and he is the subject of legal proceedings commenced by Lotus concerning his conduct during his employment. Lotus does not want to comment any further on Mr. Kapur's conduct, whilst legal proceedings are continuing, but is confident that it will succeed in its action.