Subject: Elise chassis
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999

Following the recent thread on Elise building rates, I thought some of you
may be interested in an article featured in this months copy of Norsk
Hydro's 'Profile' magazine...


Worcester plant takes aim at automotive niche.

Hydro Raufoss Automotive is aiming to more than triple its production of
adhesive-bondedaluminium body structures for cars at the division's new plant in
Worcester, in Britain's Midlands. A new five-year contract from Lotus, which wants more body structures
for its Elise sports car, will help Hydro reach the goal.


Our plan is to produce in excess of 10,000 units beyond the year 2000.
Roughly a third of that figure - about 3300 chassis frames is going to be
produced for the Elise, which has been a fantastic success story in its own right. This production is being
transferred from Denmark, where Hydro Raufoss Automotive in Tonder has been supplying Lotus since 1995.
The Tonder unit was originally asked to produce 750 pieces per year, but the Elise's success has been so
extraordinary that production has more than quadrupled.

The need to retool for higher volumes, as well as the logistical benefits drawn from the proximity to Lotus,
prompted Hydro's production switch to Worcester.



Paul Guy

(Hydro Polymers Ltd)