A new state-of-the-art Heading Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is now available in the Elise MkII which maintains maximum performance while traveling in maximum comfort. The system brings together revolutionary design and very latest in technology to produce astounding results.

The environmentally sound R134a refigerant is transferred via pipes inside the body structure of the car to the front mounted condenser and evaporator cooling module. It is equipped with a re-circulation facility to ensure rapid and effective heating or cooling of the cockpit. Four face level vents deliver heated or cooled air to the occupant's face and upper-body, while ducts also deliver conditioned air to the feet and to the windscreen for de-misting.

Fast Facts on the HVAC

  • Installation only will increase the vehicle mass by 15kg.
  • To preserve the performance of the vehicle, the HVAC system turns off automatically when it senses the throttle is fully open.
  • The dash features four additional face level vents that can deliver hot or cold air, and also has a new center console to house two of these vents and some of the system controls. The dash will only feature in cars equipped with HVAC.
  • HVAC has passed all industry testing along with Lotus' in-house test criteria for efficiency and durability.
  • The heater used in a HVAC car is more efficient and powerful than a non-HVAC car.
  • HVAC is completely unique to the Elise apart from the face level vents.
  • The recommended selling price of HVAC is 1295 pounds including VAT.