Lotus Elise: Integrated Car Engineer (I.C.E.)

March 10, 1998

(Concentra developed the design package called Integrated Car Engineering. It was used to help design the Lotus Elise. I include this sample from their brochure, and encourage you to contact them directly if you are interested.)

Almost before the ink is dry on the design sketches, the car, or system, can be evaluated for feasibility or viability and you can be sure it's right because it has been performed with the combined knowledge base of your best engineers, all the relevant legislation and design codes, and your manufacturing rules.

ICE delivers a quantum leap in automotive process automation ... easily the fastest route from concept to design 'freeze point'.

ICE is an integrated software environment conceived and developed with Lotus Engineering that automates the highly manual conceptual design processes employed by ever car manufacturer or major supplier in the world.

Until the advent of ICE the conceptual phase of a vehicle program was the least automated process in the development cycle. This will now change as automotive design enters the new 'ICE Age'.

Integrated Car Engineering is based on a modular construction enabling the automotive customer to assemble the most important functionality most suited to their specific business, and then build more functionality onto it as vehicle programmes demand.

At the very highest level the Vehicle Layout System (VLS) provides the ability to 'import' the designer's sketches and develop a simplified 3 dimensional model. Within this environment the designer can perform the majority of 'top level' checks, for instance checking for power train variants and interior layout and accommodation.

The current system comprises:

	Vehicle Layout System        I.C.E. VLS
	Suspension Engineer          I.C.E. SUSPENSION
	Electrical Systems design    I.C.E. E.S.D
	Wheel Envelope               I.C.E. WHEEL
	Wiper analysis               I.C.E. WIPER
	Base Engine Package          I.C.E. ENGINE
	Mannequin                    I.C.E. MANNEQUIN

The next level of functionality will be delivered over the next few months. Priorities can be adjusted according to customer's requirements: This level includes:

Body Structure Analysis
Wire Harness Design
Transmission Design
Door/Bonnet Opening
Luggage Capacity
Engine Dress
Exhaust System Layout
Motor Compartment Packager
Ground lines
Fuel System

A third level, 'customised requirements', is easily accommodated by working with the client to develop a solution jointly defined to address a unique problem. Modules will be made available individually as an addition to VLS or can be purchased in logical packages to support the requirements of each specific vehicle programme or automotive business.

Additionally, Concentra is able to provide pro- and post-implementation consultancy, including the recognised world leading skills of Lotus Engineering.

Full software support, both first line and second line will be provided via Concentra Corporation and TATA Technologies world-wide.

Contact information:

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