Elise Build By Serial Number

This list appears in various Elise Service notes and identifies the date, serial numbers affected and the change implemented. This is for educational purposes only and should not be used to maintain your automobile.

1996 June T 0017 > Model Introduction: June '96
1996 November V 0240 > 1997 Model Year. No specification change.
1997 February V 685 Uprated Starter Motor: Starter motor uprated from 1.0 kW to 1.4 kW and engine management fuse relocated from rear to front services compartment.
1997 September V 1685 Plus; 1672, 1673, 1677, 1682. Less; 1694, 1708.
Shape of chassis, rear side of fuel tank crossmember, changed to accommodate a.c. compressor. Low level engine coolant outlet pipe. Re-circ. ventililation holes in chassis toe-board
1997 October W 1814 1998 Model Year: No specification change.
1997 October W 1941 Plus; 1920, 1926, 1937, 1938. Less; 1965, 2002.
New harness introduced to accommodate optional U.K. market Cobra 6422 alarm. New main fusebox with 22 'Littel' fuses in front luggage compartment.
1997 October W 1947 Plus 1937, 1938.
Option upgraded from Cobra 6019HF to 6422. Facility to reprogramme transmitter keys. Override switch deleted.
1997 December W 2260 Alloy shield fitted on inboard side of front discs to protect from debris and balance pad life.
1998 May W 3332 Latches on rear end of roof cant rails use new dovetail design to improve location. Door seals changed to incorporate moulded front ends to mate with new cantrail front seals. New soft top canopy with press studs reposiitioned to suit new cant rails. Parts set required to fit hardtop roof.
1998 June W 3714 Cast iron brake discs and corresponding pads replace aluminium metal matrix brakes.
1998 September W 4429 Plus; 4140, 4315, 4365, 4383. Less 4653.
Rear clamshell incorporates integral luggage compartment box to replace luggage bag.
1998 November X 4976 1999 Model Year. No specification change.
1998 November X 5401-5450
135 bhp cylinder head; Close ratio gearbox; Sports exhaust; Competition style seats; Sports steering
wheel; Drilled iron brake discs; Quicksilver paint with blue soft top; Headlamp covers; Body graphics; Silver roll over bar. 2nd batch variations: 111S wheels, tyres & spats; black painted fuel filler cap; matt finish alloy gear knob; Sport 135 99 side decals.
1998 December X 5479 Rear suspension toe-link ball joint design changes to incorporate integral M10 stud.
1999 January X 5463-5816 50th Anniversary Elise: Anniversary green with gold wheels, green/rafia leather seats, 'Elise' floor mats, gold decals, Anniversary decal on rear transom.
1999 January X 5558 Rear window mounted in angled surround to reduce reflections.
1999 January X 5722 Elise 111S: VVC engine & close ratio transmission. Revised muffler & tailpipes. Cross-drilled iron discs. Lotus styled 6-spoke road wheels, 7.5" rear rims with 225/45 ZR16 rear P Zeros. Optional rear spoiler extension. Acrylic headlamp covers & smoke front indicator lenses. Composite engine lid, rear wheelarch spats, '111S' decal on rear body & fascia, moulded air intake grille. Forged alloy window winders, weave patterned dash inserts, revised seat foams & stitching.
1999 July Elise 'JPS': Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Black body colour. All cars have gold painted grilles as follows; radiator air intake, radiator outlet, engine lid outlet, rear clamshell recess, engine bay intake. All cars have gold painted 111S type road wheels, black and gold Alcantara steering wheel, gold painted dash insert panels, 111S type black leather seats with gold Alcantara centres, gold decals on rear body and dash, black & gold nose badge, Union Flag decal on rear. Standard versions also have headlamp covers and rear wheelarch spats.
1999 October Elise 'Type 49': Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Two tone red/white body colour. All cars have gold painted 111S type road wheels, black and red Alcantara steering wheel, 111S type black leather seats with red Alcantara centres, gold decals. Standard versions also have headlamp covers and rear wheelarch spats.
1999 October Elise 'Millenium': Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Atlantis Blue body colour. All cars have blue Alcantara steering wheel pad and sill trim panels, 111S type black leather seats with blue Alcantara centres. Standard versions also have 111S type road wheels, rear wheelarch spats and headlamp covers. Cars were usually supplied with a range of dealer fitted Lotus accessories.
1999 November X 8177 New design forged steel rear hub carrier replaces extruded alloy carrier, and incorporates caliper mounting plate, and lower ball joint carrier.
2000 January Y 0004-0009 Elise 340R: 9640 onwards.
Limited edition of 340. Extreme lightweight version of the Elise, based on modified standard chassis fitted with minimalist bodywork and a detuned, road going version of the VHPD powertrain. See 340R supplement for full specification.
2000 February Y 0601-0650
WVTA Y 0651
Sport 160: First 50 cars with Single Vehicle Approval. Subsequent cars Whole Vehicle Type Approved. High performance derivative, based on 111S specification with 160 PS fixed valve timing engine. WVTA versions require airbox modification and sport exhaust fitment for full power release. Other features include new engine controller, sport suspension, 'race' wheels, plinth mounted rear aerofoil, Alcantara trimmed seats and steering wheel pad, body decals.
2000 July VIN: Y 0001 Exige: (Character 13 = 8) - model specific serial number sequence. Road going version of the Elise race series car, with 178 bhp 340R engine, close ratio transmission, sport suspension and larger 12-spoke black finish wheels (16x7 & 17x8.5) with Yokohama A039 tyres. Front and rear clamshells styled as race car with piller mounted rear aerofoil. Clear polycarbonate rear tailgate with air ducting, linked to roof mounted air intake duct. Optional Alcantara sports seats and 340R harnesses. Meta security system. Roof duct mounted radio aerial