Color Chart and Demonstration for Lotus Elise 2005

These colors were mentioned by a dealer and may be the agreed upon list. Some paints may require an additional payment. This may be a result of some paints not meeting the new hazzardous materials requirements in the EU and so may require special handling.

While the following does not include actual pictures of the car as colored, it provides a sampling of the colors. As always, do not make a buying decision based on the colors shown on this page.

In one of the forums, a survey was done to see what colors people were picking for their cars.

(This was an earlier attempt to show actual cars with the colors. The list below is incomplete.)

The following is meant to give you an idea of what colors are available. Do not base a purchase decision on this color table! These are the colors listed on the Lotus Cars USA web site.
starlight black black Elise black Elise
magnetic blue blue Elise blue Elise
racing green green Elise green Elise
arctic sliver silver Elise silver Elise
storm titanium titanium Elise titanium Elise
bordeaux red red Elise red Elise
nightfall blue blue Elise blue Elise
saffron yellow yellow Elise
aztec bronze
ardent red
aubergine purple