Elise  Series 1

Elise 111S

The differences

  • The VVC version of the renewed K series 1.8Litre four cylinder 16Valve engine
  • Peak power 143BHP at 700rpm peak torque 128lb ft at 4500rpm
  • Close ratio five speed manual gearbox
  • Revised final drive ratio
  • Top Speed rises to 133mph the 0-60mph falls to 5.38secs. 0 – 100 is reached in 14.4Secs
  • Rear track increased by 12mm
  • Wide rear wheels fitted 7.5J compared with 7.0J for the standard Elise
  • Wider rear tyres – especially developed Pirelli P Zeros of 225-with compared with 205 for the standard Elise
  • Revised rear toe steer angles to suit the broader tyres
  • New front Grille
  • Smoked front indicator lenses
  • Perspex headlamp covers small, black coloured spats on the trailing edges for the rear wheelarches to accommodate the wider wheels and tyres
  • 111S Badging
  • Revised seat design with deeper foam cushion
  • Carbonfibre – effect trim for the facia
  • Optional rear spoiler


When the open road calls, go out properly equipped

Having the right equipment adds to the pleasure of any task, and when the task in hand involves rising to the challenge of the open road, there's only one tool for the job – the Elise 111S.

More potent cousin to the standard Elise, the 111S adds extra power, a close short-ratio gearbox, and wider rear wheels and tyres to an already intoxicating formula. With its technically advanced 1.8-litre VVC engine producing 143bhp, the 111S packs a punch normally associated with cars of double the horsepower and three times the price.

Recognisable by its rear-mounted aerofoil, six spoke road wheels, driving lamps, faired headlamp covers, 'smoked' front indicator lenses, different front grille, sports seats and carbon facia trim, the 111S ensures maximum enjoyment wherever you drive.

What the papers say...

"Behind the wheel of a Lotus Elise 111S, on a sunny morning on a deserted, twisty road, you will approach motoring nirvana. Lotus has cleverly matched the punchier engine with a close-ratio gearbox as standard. It gives you a choice of two gears for every corner, so if you get it slightly wrong the engine will have you back on the pace immediately. The 111S reaches 60mph in 5.38 seconds and 100mph in 14.4 – that's moving closer to supercar territory. The cornering is sensational. In the purest sense, when you consider ultimate feel, no road car is better.'

The Times