2006 Options

options code description price (USD)
Elise base Elise6 Change in standard Equipment
LED tailights with integral rear reflector-deletion of separate reflector and change in rear grill material, Daytime Driving Lights, All clot seat with upgrade seat padding and material.
transportation DL 870
touring pack TP Deletion of blue leather, addition of magnolia leather (cream colord) 1,350
sport pack SP Forged aluminum wheels with improved gloss finish in High Power Silver. Suspension and tires unchanged. Black finish not available 2,480
hard top HT no change 1,450
starshield SS no change 995
limited slip LS for use in slow speed, high rpm / power seetting in lower gears to reduce the tendency to spin the inside rear tire. Includes traction control with a console mounted switch to disable the traction control system 1,790
traction control TC modulates power through Engin Control Module in order to maimize grip, including a console mounted switch to disable the traction control. 495
A/C delete NA delete fitment of air conditioner system 250
black cast wheels BW standard Elisecast wheel in matte black painted finish 250
forged wheels FW standard size forged aluminum with clear lacquer finish - fitted to standard suspension with SD07 tires for reduction in un-sprung weight 1,695
color upgrades ? ?

2005 Options

from memory, please email with updates or corrections

options code description price
Elise base Elise5 base Elise 39,900
transportation DL 870
color option life style colors 995
hard top HT hard top for Elise, color match body paint 1,450
starshield SS clear plastic protection on front edges of car 995
touring pack add leather seats, upgraded stereo, additional sound insulation, and cargo net 1,450
sports pack LSS add forged wheels, upgraded springs and shocks 2,480

In September 2003, a representative of Lotus ran a poll on the Elise List on Yahoo Groups. We were asked about which options we might buy with our Elise. You might imagine these are the options the distributor is considering. Real options will be listed here when they become known.

Choices Votes % 400 replies
Sport package(tyres, wheels, suspension) 27 6.75% bar
Hard Top apprx $1500.00 25 6.25% bar
Luggage Rack 5 1.25% bar
Race seats/Race Belts 24 6.00% bar
Carbon Fiber interior bits 22 5.50% bar
Petty Bar--added Rollover protection 16 4.00% bar
Driving Lamps 24 6.00% bar
Titanium Exhuast 23 5.75% bar
Performance Brake Pads 25 6.25% bar
Uprated Springs and Dampers 24 6.00% bar
Mud Flaps 4 1.00% bar
Locking wheel nuts 14 3.50% bar
Winter Tyres 4 1.00% bar
Gear lever Gate 12 3.00% bar
Car Cover-Rain 9 2.25% bar
Car Cover-Dust 16 4.00% bar
CD with MP3 Player 14 3.50% bar
Fire Extinguisher 16 4.00% bar
Battery Trickle Charger 8 2.00% bar
Performance Tyres/Wheels 25 6.25% bar
Bra 4 1.00% bar
Stone chip Protection kit 21 5.25% bar
Hard top Storage Bag 16 4.00% bar
Bike Rack/Ski Rack 2 0.50% bar
alloy/polished bits 20 5.00% bar