County Fair

United 1951

antique auto

November 2015

I bought County Fair over 30 years ago as part of a package of three games. It was added to the list and did not cost much to ship so I did not complain. Little did I know it was a rare game. It later helped me set a theme for my collecting, that of horse race games. It is my only horse race pinball and I added a Paces Race and an Evans Races in order to continue the theme.

diary of restoration
Date Effort
November 22 Disassembing the game
December 3 cleaning the finish unit
December 5 step up unit video and documentation
December 11 finish step up units, new labels, first look at playfield, top and bottom
December 16 start with bottom of playfield
December 24 clean the motor, fabricate a pivot
January 3, 2016 cleaning playfield parts, repairing eject mechanism
January 5 reset bank restoration, playfield clean and touchup
January 18 touch up worn spots on playfield, finish device installation
January 23 remove last device for cleaning
March 28 finish under playfield, cabinet, start running horse unit
April 5 finish running horse unit
April 16 finish assembly, create video, fix problems